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[Sticky] 2018 Rules Update Proposal, Rev. #2  


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18/05/2018 9:08 pm  

After discussions held in this Forum, listening to opinions published here and on public pages, and due consultation with Expert Members of our Community, a revision has been done to our still valid RG65 Measurement Rules and the resulting "Annotated Rules (2018) Update Proposal" was worked out.

In particular we kept in mind the definition that:

"Rules Update" is the process in which errors, mistakes or confusing rule texts are amended in order to unify possible interpretations.
It is NOT a process to "change" the Boat´s Style or Characteristics.

A "Rule Update" could be considered successful if there are no "interpretations" required while measuring a new or old boat.

You find the proposed "Annotated 2018 Rules Update Proposal.pdf" attached.

Now comes the second part of this process: it is required to be approved by you. At least 75% of the votes should be positive, thus forming a solid support to the Rules within the RG65 Class.

National Representatives can post the vote of their respective country at this Forum, and all Skippers could transmit their opinion or last minute request to their respective National representative.

DEADLINE: this procedure has TO BE CLOSED BY JUNE 10TH, 2018. Talk to your national Representative before that deadline!

Countries not communicating their vote will be assumed as AGREEING with this Update Proposal.

Your vote will be appreciated!

Fredo Vollmer


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