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[Sticky] Rules Update 2018  


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31/01/2018 6:14 pm  

Dear RG65 Representative,

Rules Update is already overdue!

Hopefully you understand that it would not have been reasonable to discuss our Rules Update while the IRSA Process was going on. But now that is over, with acceptable results, and the time to recover our delay has arrived.

Attached you find "2018 Rules Update Proposal.pdf", showing the Proposal we have by now.

If you feel that there are further topics worth to discuss, please comment that need here. It is also supposed that our RG65 Skippers will approach their National Representative if they need an explanation or have some kind of request. Please listen to them, give them an explanation, or shape their request and post it here (as Comment) to this Forum. Any required new Topic will be added for discussion by Admin.


Following Topics display a Background and a Proposed Change. If you agree with the proposition, say it in your comment to the corresponding post. If you feel that a Proposition should be amended, post your idea for it being discussed.

Use gentle, polite manners, for our discussions to reach good conclusions in short time.

Divergences should be negotiated, until we get an overall acceptable opinion. For approval, a Proposition should be accepted by a vast consensus. A majority of say 75% of votes from the total of Countries associated to our RG65-ICA would represent that consensus. And take in account that it goes by ONE vote each Country! For Countries that are present with more then ONE Representative it is expected that these cast only ONE Vote, consented between them.

Let us work together!
Fredo Vollmer


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