The RG65 Australia Sailing Group began shortly after 2007 when the first major fleets of boats started sailing in Australia.

Sailed nationally the Rg65 is as it has been Worldwide for the classes 40+ years, one of home builders and sailors, sailing for fun with local friends.

The original intent of the owners group was to enable sailors travelling the vast distance of Australia to be able to find other sailors or fleets to visit and sail with when travelling.


To that end there are over 650+ boats registered in Australia!


Australian Rg65 sailors were quick to adopt the entry level Dragon Force rg65 as a class boat as it had been designed and this has helped build the class with club sailing and many sailors progressing from the dragon force to faster grandprix rg65s.

As ever dragons as rg class boats are welcome and a great stepping stone in the class, and do go quite well too, after all our good friend Mark Dicks designed them as a derivative of his famous ‘Ice’ Rg65!

It seems now with people seeing the appeal of smaller boats there is an ever building enthusiasm for RGs and we are visited by friends from around the world as well as Australia for sailing days.


We look forward to another 40years of the rg65 class worldwide!


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