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Change of date for the Italian Cup in 2023
Dear RG65 community We have received the following message from the organisers of the 2023 Italian Cup I am sorry to have to inform you that the RG65 Italian Cup will not be held at the end of March due to logistical problems due to the closure of our reference campsite. We are therefore obliged to give the new dates which will be 20-21-22 May 2023. This is the reference link to view the campsite: …
International Events
Now that we have a suitable set of class rules, an established World Council and a committed ICA Committee we feel that we should start to work towards organising some international event. As these events need to be announced at least 1 year in advance the likely dates for any Global and Regional Championships will probably be sometime in 2024 (but we are  happy to work on an earlier date if we believe it is …

Upcoming RG65 International Events and National Championships

Dates Nation Event Location Notice
10-12 MArch 2023 BRA Brazillian Championship Yate Clube Santo Amaro NOTICE
20-22 May 2023 ITA Italia Cup Anfo  
21-23 April 2023
POR Open Championship
Moita – Lisbon
27-29 May 2023
National Championship
Bain de Bretagne near Vannes NOTICE
2 -3 September 2023
National Championship Horni Terlicko, near Ostrava  
23-24 September 2023 GBR National Championship Birkenhead  
30/9 – 1/10 2023
National Championship Steckborn
28-29 October 2023
National Championship
Ohlenstedter Quellsee, near Bremen  

Previous RG65 International Events and National Championships

Dates Nation Event Location
14/15 May 2022 GBR National Championship Eastbourne, UK
11/12 June 2022 CZE National Championship Chodová Planá, Czech Republic
23-25 September 2022 FRA National Championship Antibes, Côte d’Azur, France
8/9 October 2022 AUT National Champioship Klosterneuburg, Austria
8-11 October 2022 BRA Brazil and South American Championship Curitiba – Paraná – Brazil
19/20 November 2022 GER National Championship Hückeswagen, Germany
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