On 29/6/2011, three friends and fellow members of the forum, Manthos Gavalas (matgav), Alexander Varverakis (alexandros 101) and Costas Koroniotakis (koronet), were met in order to decide the building of a boat under a new category, which would attract the interest of more new fans of the hobby, after the same first attempt of the fellow member Chris Lardis with the Footies, one year ago.

 After the consideration of several designs, materials, videos and forums they decided to build two Laerke RG65.Oneof them was used by Chris Lardis to build six “clones” for relevant fellow members of the forum. He also constructed the Lardis Slimline RG65 ( under new innovative design, as some other friends did with other types, such as Jif and Jif 2. Thus was born the class RG65 in Greece. Costas-koronet, who had already dealt with the construction of sails, using a Chris design caliper manufactured by Vangelis Simonides (bassjunkies), “arranged” beautiful and competitive sails ( for those who did not want to make their own.

    Recently, Vangelis-bassjunkies, administrator of the forum, constructed a prototype of  the Coriolis RG65, the mold of which already “delivered” about 10 boats, given to some former and new RC sailors.

    Then, the RG65 Hellenic Class Association was founded and today more than 20 RG65 boats of different designs are built or are under construction.

    The reception that the first RG65 vessels had since their first appearance in Greece, about one year ago, and the pace of the construction of new ones have resulted the class to record the majority of vessels among the other classes in Greece.

    August 2012

The class now days.

Our greatest achievement as an NCA and the peak of the local sailors interest was back in 2013 where we were fortunate enough to organize the European Masters Regatta . After this regatta most of the RG65 sailors move to bigger classes and the interest for our lovely class was decreased dramatically.

Now days there is no interest for the class in the country and the boat owners they just have them on their ownership with the hope that there will be a “spark” in the future where it will kick off the sailing activities again.