National Representatives

These are the National Class Representatives (and their Assistant if one is appointed):

Updated on 27 October 2023.

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Flag Country Contact Name eMail Address
Argentina Luis Bordino
Australia Andrew Cook
Austria Eric Gielen
Brasil Celio Arnaldo de Souza
Canada Wilson Chong
Czech Republic Jan Hyk
Chile Jorge Eichholz
France Stephan Gibaud
Germany Andreas Ebert
Greece Abraham Onassiadis
Hungary Zoltan Illes
Ireland Vangelis Simonidis
Italy Gianluca Montecchi
Netherlands Remco Sol
New Zealand Karl Stachel
Poland Kamil Musiejkiewicz
Portugal Jorge Camilo
South Africa Joe Robbertse
Spain Esteve Ferres
Switzerland Reto Brunschweiler
UK Graham Elliott
USA Craig Huzway

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