The “RG-65” is a Radio Controlled Monohull Sailboat, 65cm long, driven by sails with up to 2250 cm2 of area.

By definition a Development Class, every variation or innovation is allowed, except if specifically prohibited by the Class Rules with certification of compliance to rules through a Self Certification process.

The original concept was developed during the 1950s by Juan Ghersi, a member of the model sailing activity at the Plaza Urquiza (, at Buenos Aires, Argentina.

History of the Class

1932 A pond is inaugurated at the “Plaza Justo José de Urquiza”, now renamed to “Plaza Rubén Darío”. Read more atén_Darío_(Buenos_Aires). In Spanish.

1956 Strong sailing activity at the Plaza Urquiza Pond, and Juan Gherzi brings a 65 cm boat which was admired and well accepted. Its size fits very well into this pond! The boats became known as “65” or “G”.

1978, 25th June At about 4 PM, at the same time as the Final Game of the Soccer World Championship was being played, Raul Landó (1938-2000) launched his R/C equipped “G” at the Plaza Urquiza Pond. This was the First “RG”! The good sailing properties of this boat got other “G” sailors to upgrade their boats to R/C as well.

1998 CAYM (Club Argentino de Yates Modelo) commissioned Fredo Vollmer to rewrite the traditional Rules according to the format proposed by ISAF/RSD. Approved by majority of all Registered Members of the Class (18, Eighteen registered boats!), this became the First Version of our present Rules of Measurement.

1999 “Palo de Agua” first ever and only R/C Sailboat Plans with Building Instructions published at the Internet. At that time there where very few RG65 sailing outside the CAYM, but this publication promoted the Class considerably. A Sailing Group formed at the Rosedal Park (“Rosedal” Sailing site (1999)), in Buenos Aires, and this Group sprouted others …

2000 First “RG65” in Europe: “Sirius”, by Juan Emilio Almécija Alegría, launched on July 20, 2000, at San Pedro del Pinatar, Murcia (Spain). “Sirius” Pictures HERE!

2005 First RG65 in USA! Dick Lemke launched his “JIF”, designed and published on the Web by Máximo Lange, Pioneer of the Class and old Member of the CAYM.

2006 RG65-ICA created. Nine (?) countries participating, and Máximo Lange appointed Manager by consensus. He consolidated the class in its International characteristic, and organized the first World Championship of the Class. He served the Class until 2011.

2011 Antoine Froment takes over the Chair from Máximo and update the Class Rules in 2014

2014 Fredo Vollmer takes over the Chair of the ICA from Antoine

2020 Wayne Stobbs assumes the Chair of the ICA and establishes a working group to gather the thoughts of the RG65 Community in preparation for the re-invigoration of the ICA, including the establishment of a ICA Constitution and a refreshed version of the class rules.