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2024 European Champ...
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2024 European Championship

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With Italy unfortunately having to pull out of hosting the race we must look for another venue as this race must go ahead if we are going to grow our fantastic class.

This is my opinion and please say if you think differently, I will not be hurt.

The race needs to be hosted on mainland Europe to ensure a full entry, I would be willing to host it in England, probably West Kirby but not sure we would fill the entry, this is why mainland Europe is better. The obvious choice for me would be France but this is only due to the French fleet being by far the largest in the World, they also put on a very well organised race.

I think we then have to look at timings, it is probably too late now to run it before Summer 24 so I think we must look at end of September, weather is still warm and schools return.

I dont have strong opinions on how many days but feel that a 4-5 day event is fine.

I do think we should cap the entry to 3 large fleets, much the same as the French Nationals this year, plenty of sailing.

Graham Elliott (GBR)