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Fees to be part of ...
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Fees to be part of the ICA

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Hi Everyone

An few people have ask about fees and charges that need to be paid to become part of the ICA.

I can confirm that there are no plans to charge a registration fee or membership fee, either for a Country or for the sailors in any country.

Yes there are costs to run the ICA but at the moment they are low and are mostly just to run the Website.

At the moment those fees are paid for by the Committee out of their own pocket.  In the future we will ask for a small part of the entrance fees for International events (Maybe continental of global events) to be paid to the ICA to cover the costs of running the ICA.

The ICA is here to promote the class and we do not want money to be a barrier to have countries and sailors join the class.

Of course donations are welcome also...

Happy Sailing folks 🙂


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Let us know over the National Representatives how we can donate.

Greetings Marcus