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The question about foils arose in France, is that legal or not on RG65 ?

Apparently our open Measurement Rules doesn't forbid foils, as soon as they are not attached to the hull under the waterline.

Due to the success on developping foils on dinghies and big sailing boats, many people in RC sailing have started the same research, mostly on multihulls.

Our class is now faced with that question, mostly as it is the most open of all the international RC sailing classes.

After long thinking and exchanging with different people, I think we should go ahead in supporting research an development in RG65. The subject of foils is part of it. 

BUT, following to the progress of that technology, I believe that this would lead to the creation of a kind of "RG65 Foil", as their performance would be radically different than "Classic RG65".

Thanks in advance for thinking and sharing your ideas on this subject.

Achille - Interim Chair of Tech sub committee


Udo Reutter
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In the A-Class Catamaran (1:1) this already happenend.

Boats where going costly,

Participants stagnated.


It will be a difficult decision.