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These Rules will force us to change how we do things at our club

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It will be impossible to come up with a set of rules that work 100% for 100% of the people because peoples needs are all different.

There 17 countries how have joined the ICA World council and many more that the ICA is engaged with.

Because so many countries and sailors want to to put their spin on the rules we have had to often come up with a compromise.

In many cases we have just had to apply some common sense.

So when you review the rules, please consider the "big picture" but if there is anything that you believe the rules do not properly cater for, please give us that feedback.


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we have agreed to collect the comments and evaluate them from 4 .1.2022.
We have set up a competence team here in Germany. The team consists of 2 designers and sailors who are sure of the rules (Andy Hoffman and Gerd Mentges) They will inform you of our suggestions and requests for changes. They are informed that the rules have to fit internationally for all countries.

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Hi all,

This draft is the result of 10 months of work and 15 (!) updated versions.

In addition of the Tech Sub Committee, many people from different countries and continents have been involved;

Every effort was given to keep the historical South American heritage, clear out obscure points, and bring even more freedom on boat & sails design.

So yes you may be surprised by some items, just try to understand the deep meanings of thes rules 😉

Just keep constructive!




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