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Why are the draft rules so complicated, they are 24 pages long?

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While the draft rules are indeed 24 pages long, they are no more complicated than the current 2014 official class rules.

There are a number of things that have made them "longer" including:

  • The rules are now formatted with headings and sub heading to make them easier to search and read.  This layout has significantly increased the length of the document
  • There are now a lot of definitions and abbreviations that are lists to help everyone have a consistent understanding of the rules.
  • All the Sail Measurement, Sail Identification and Certification documents are included in this single document rather than being spread through separate documents
  • The 2014 left a lot of things "open to interpretation" and we have sought to clarify as many of these as we can.

We are sure that once you have reviewed this document you will have a clear understanding of the Rules.  We have tried to make them very easy to understand

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