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Why so comprehensive sail identification rules ?

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Being well seen and well recognize other boats is essential in a regatta. This goes through sails identifications.

Every RC sailing forum are full of questions about how to do and display these identifications ; this results in misdisplays, in omiting some mandatory identifications (mostly on gibs)...


Therefore, the target was to enforce a uniformisation of Sails Identifications with full details. 

I hope this will help reducing unnecessary questions on national forums.

Of course the real application of these rules relies on every NCA/NCS, their measurers and competent people.




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Thanks Achille. Well described. 

the RG also has quite a unique situation with very small Jibs on swing rigs which offer makes it difficult to properly display the numbers. 

Your guide gives a clear method of resolving this. 

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After few feedback, it seems that 2 major things are missing : 

- Recommended number and character font  to be used 

- Strong Contrast 


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