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Why to the draft Rules allow a Depth Limit to be set for an event.

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Imagine you take you boat to an event in another country and find that you cannot sail because your keel is 10cm longer than everyone else.   It was never a problem for them because they all have short keels and so the depth of water was never a problem.

Not only is this bad for you, but you could make it bad for everyone.

You would be entitled to protest the race committee and have the whole event abandoned.

When drafting the 2022 rules proposal we did not consider adding a maximum depth/draft  (60 to 65cm) which would allow event organisers to always ensure that they provided enough water depth, but after consulting with many of you it was decided not to do this, but only "allow" event organisers to specify a maximum depth IF they envisaged a problem.   By doing it this way it would not impact anyone who wanted to try a very long keel on an RG65

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