Moving forward with a Constitution

Hello RG65 Stakeholders. I hope you are all well and getting ready for a season ahead, if you are allowed to have one in your country.

I want to keep you updated on what is going on behind the scenes with regards to the ICA.

As I am sure that all of you will know a proper functioning ICA needs to have a set of rules by which the ICA Committee must adhere, and this also extends to how your National Representatives work with the ICA.

The RG65 have up till now had a reasonably informal constitution and relationship with the class associations/groups in each nation and, while this has been OK up till now, it needs to be tightened up if we want to properly establish ourselves as a Class that attracts the best r/c sailors from around the world.

I, together with a small working party, have created a draft constitution which over the last few weeks was reviewed by some of you, and now it has been circulated to all the National Representatives for comment. We have already has some good feedback and suggestions for change.

It will take a few more weeks to gather this feedback and make the necessary changes before a 2nd review, but hopefully soon thereafter we can put the wheels in motion to have it formally adopted by the World Council. This World Council will be made up of the ICA Committee and 1 person from each country who are your voice at the ICA.

The process to adopt this constitution is set out within the constitution, but generally follows the following process.

  • The interim ICA committee will announce the date of a Special Meeting of the World Council, giving at least 6 weeks notice of the meeting. Part of the Announcement will be a copy of the final constitution documents to be adopted.
  • 4 Weeks before the meeting each Nation will supply the committee with information necessary to determine how many votes each member of the World Council will have
  • Because any vote to do with a change to the constitution takes the form of a “special resolution” your National Representative on the Wold Council must consult with all their members and vote accordingly. So you all have a voice on this, and I encourage you to use it.
  • At the meeting, because it is a “special resolution”, it will need 67% of the votes cast to be in favour for the constitution to be accepted.

I hope that you will accept our proposal for a constitution once it is been adjusted according to the comments from your National Representative as this will then give us the change to take on the next challenges which include issuing an updated version of the Class Rules and hopefully in 2022, at the latest, some International Events.

I must thank all of you who are supporting me, not only Vangelis, Achille, Andrew and Agustin who are my “Working Party”, but all those with whom I am having parallel conversations. I could not be doing this without all of you.

As always, if you have any comments of suggestions, please let s us have them. We are here working n your behalf.



5 thoughts on “Moving forward with a Constitution”

  1. The current rules support the class well and encourage the home builder the //65 rules and rules like that discourage innovation which is the hallmark of a development class

  2. Wayne, as always I think you are doing a great job here and support you 100%. I have been in hospital with covid but now recovering well so hopefully will be ready for whenever we get back on the water.
    Keep up the good work, Noel

  3. Hello Wayne! It is nice to find people willing to work for the RG65 class. Coud you please share a link for the proposed constitution document? Many thanks in advance!

  4. Hi there! I could see a future with the best of both worlds… It is hard to fit the flexibility and room for development (and for novel builders) within a strict set of rules, and what makes it more rigid is the adhesion to ERS and including ERS definitions while defining the set of rules.
    This in my opinion is the attraction that RG65 development enthusiasts do not want to give up. Designing a two boomed mainsail, a gaff sail, a two mast rig or a 50cm long keel are options we would not want to resign because those are options you can play with and you get excited about how will they compare to the fleet.
    Unexperienced builders may fall in so many tricks that ERS would pose as building a rigid vang, adding unidentified or unnecesary rigging or parts that may not comply with an ERS definition rendering an enthusiast turning frustrated by complex wording in a paper. We need those novel builders and we need to make it easier for them too.
    Many sailors are attracted to the class because its Rules are easy to comply with.
    On the other side, I see a benefit for the class to have a better wording for its rules and not have a discussion weather a National, Regional or World championship is valid or not because the class rules ar accepted by WS.
    I see the opportunity to get the best of both worlds, lets just go for it.
    Luis Bordino

    Ps. Could you please share a link to the proposed constitution document?

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