Update on the 2022 rules proposal and preparations of the AGM

You will recall that we circulated a set of draft RG65 Rules for comment in December.  I am glad to say that we received some great feedback from a number of Nations as well as a few “Thumbs Up” with our proposal.

We are currently re-working the draft Rules with some of your suggestions so that they are ready for final consideration and acceptance at the AGM on 26 March 2022.

There are a number or suggested changes that we feel are too extensive to be included in this revision and so some of them will be carried forward for further discuss with a view to have the World Council consider them for a future version.

We received no notice of additional topics for the AGM by the deadline on  15 January and so the AGM agenda will be as originally proposed HERE.

We also received no proposals for committee members as so the current temporary committee will stand for election unopposed.

Here is a recap of the AGM Agenda

          1. Accounts for the 2021 year and a budget for 2022
          2. Special Resolution to adopt the revised 2022 Constitution
            • Revisions include
              • Amending the options for chairmanship of the Technical sub-committee
          3. Ordinary Resolution to select a voting methodology to be incorporated into the Regulations. The options for consideration to be:
            • Proportional voting with the votes determined by the number of active sailors in the country as set out in Appendix A of the current un-adopted Regulations
            • Simple voting with each member having a single vote with an additional vote for any member NCA or NCS who were represented at any RG65 Global or World championships sanctioned by the ICA in the previous 4 years.  This gives a maximum of 2 votes per member.
          4. Ordinary Resolution to adopt the revised 2022 Regulations
            • Revisions include
              • Voting methodology to be chosen through a motion listed above;
              • Amendments to define a process to be followed should multiple applications for Would Council membership be received from the same country.
          5. Special Resolution to adopt the 2022 version of the Class Rules.
          6. Election of the ICA committee.

I would like to further recap a few points on how the AGM voting shall proceed.

      1. In this instance of the AGM each World Council member shall have 1 (one) vote on each agenda item that calls for a vote.
      2. Votes must be cast by the World Council member or a proxy that they appoint to vote on their behalf.
      3. Special Resolutions require a 2/3rds of votes in their favor to be accepted
      4. Ordinary Resolutions require a simple majority (>50%) of votes cast
      5. In the case of special resolutions each World Council Member is required by the  Class Constitution to ballot it’s members and cast their vote at the AGM accordingly.

As I mentioned earlier, we are now preparing the Committee Motions, including the Rules, and plan to release these to the World Council Members on or before 29 January so that you may all consider them before the AGM in March.

The temporary committee are pleased with the progress already made and we hope that you all see the proposed changes as positive steps forward for the class.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to let us know.

Sincerely on behalf of the RG65 ICA

Wayne Stobbs


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