World Council Membership Accepted for Poland

In October we informed you that Poland had made an application to join the RG65 ICA World Council.  The ICA constitution states that a period of 4 weeks must be allowed before accepting the application.

4 Weeks has passed and so we are please to confirm that Poland have been accepted to the RG65 World Council.

Witamy w Radzie ?wiatowej RG65


Wayne Stobbs

World Council Membership Application – Poland

  • The RG65 ICA is required to announce when applications for membership of the ICA World Council are received.

Accordingly we are pleased to announce that an NCS application has been received from Poland.

This applications will be accepted by the ICA after 4 weeks have elapsed unless another person or group make an opposing application.


Wayne Stobbs

Cancellation of the 2024 European Championships in Italy

Dear RG65 Sailors

Today I must regrettably inform you that the planned 2024 European Championships on Lake Idro in Italy are cancelled.

The team in Italy have put a lot of effort into the planning but have unfortunately been unable to secure some important commitments from other stakeholders.

The ICA would like to thank Virginio Boglietti and his team for all their efforts. We hope that in the future we can arrange an event at this fantastic location.


Your ICA committee will look for possible alternative locations in the hope that we can still organise and event in 2024.  Please feel free to let us know if you may be interested in arranging an event in your country.


Wayne Stobbs (ICA Chair)

International Events – Update

Following our recent message about looking forward towards some International Events, I am very pleased to say that Italy have made contact to confirm their interest of holding a Global or European event in the latter half of 2023.   We are in the early stages of seeing with can be arranged and will make further announcments in due course.

In the menatime, are there any out countries of clubs that would like to signal their interest?  Please give this serious consideration and make contact with us if you think that there is a chance that an event could be staged in your country in the coming years.

World Council Membership Application – Argentina

The RG65 ICA is required to announce when applications for membership of the ICA World Council are received.

Accordingly we are pleased to announce that an NCA application has been received from Argentina.

This applications will be accepted by the ICA after 4 weeks have elapsed unless another person or group make an opposing application.


Wayne Stobbs

Final Agenda and supporting documents for the 2022 AGM of the RG65 ICA

The final agenda for the 2022 AGM of the RG65 ICA has been published together with details of the 20221 accounts and budget for 2022, motions to be voted on at the AGM and details of the candidates standing for election to the Executive Committee.

For full details please visit

All RG65 ICA World Council Members are requested to attend the AGM at 8PM GMT on 26 March 2022.  Details of how to join the meeting and how to vote will be distributed to the World Council in due course.


Wayne Stobbs

Temporary ICA Chairman


Update on the 2022 rules proposal and preparations of the AGM

You will recall that we circulated a set of draft RG65 Rules for comment in December.  I am glad to say that we received some great feedback from a number of Nations as well as a few “Thumbs Up” with our proposal.

We are currently re-working the draft Rules with some of your suggestions so that they are ready for final consideration and acceptance at the AGM on 26 March 2022.

There are a number or suggested changes that we feel are too extensive to be included in this revision and so some of them will be carried forward for further discuss with a view to have the World Council consider them for a future version.

We received no notice of additional topics for the AGM by the deadline on  15 January and so the AGM agenda will be as originally proposed HERE.

We also received no proposals for committee members as so the current temporary committee will stand for election unopposed.

Here is a recap of the AGM Agenda

          1. Accounts for the 2021 year and a budget for 2022
          2. Special Resolution to adopt the revised 2022 Constitution
            • Revisions include
              • Amending the options for chairmanship of the Technical sub-committee
          3. Ordinary Resolution to select a voting methodology to be incorporated into the Regulations. The options for consideration to be:
            • Proportional voting with the votes determined by the number of active sailors in the country as set out in Appendix A of the current un-adopted Regulations
            • Simple voting with each member having a single vote with an additional vote for any member NCA or NCS who were represented at any RG65 Global or World championships sanctioned by the ICA in the previous 4 years.  This gives a maximum of 2 votes per member.
          4. Ordinary Resolution to adopt the revised 2022 Regulations
            • Revisions include
              • Voting methodology to be chosen through a motion listed above;
              • Amendments to define a process to be followed should multiple applications for Would Council membership be received from the same country.
          5. Special Resolution to adopt the 2022 version of the Class Rules.
          6. Election of the ICA committee.

I would like to further recap a few points on how the AGM voting shall proceed.

      1. In this instance of the AGM each World Council member shall have 1 (one) vote on each agenda item that calls for a vote.
      2. Votes must be cast by the World Council member or a proxy that they appoint to vote on their behalf.
      3. Special Resolutions require a 2/3rds of votes in their favor to be accepted
      4. Ordinary Resolutions require a simple majority (>50%) of votes cast
      5. In the case of special resolutions each World Council Member is required by the  Class Constitution to ballot it’s members and cast their vote at the AGM accordingly.

As I mentioned earlier, we are now preparing the Committee Motions, including the Rules, and plan to release these to the World Council Members on or before 29 January so that you may all consider them before the AGM in March.

The temporary committee are pleased with the progress already made and we hope that you all see the proposed changes as positive steps forward for the class.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to let us know.

Sincerely on behalf of the RG65 ICA

Wayne Stobbs


Feedback on 2022 Rules proposal

Hi Everyone

We see some great review and discussion going on regarding the 2022 rules proposal we circulated last week.

We are noticing a few things that are coming up in a lot of discussions so we though that it would be a good idea to share these with you as they may answer some of your questions or concerns.

We have created a section on our forum where we will add is any recurring theme and give you our take on things.   Please feel free to comment on these topics in the forum, or build them into your own discussions you are having with your NCA/NCS.

To see this discussion please go to

Best regards



Group review of proposed RG65 ICA Constitution

As many of you will already know work is going on in the background to create a Constitution for the RG65 ICA to help ensure that the ICA, ICA Committee and the World Council of RG65 Nations manages and promotes the class in a transparent and effective manner.

A lot of progress has been made so far and after some extensive review and edits by our RG65 National Representatives we feel that ware ready to present the proposal to all of you, the RG65 community.

Firstly some background of what it is all about

What is this Constitution we talk about.

Simply put, it the the contract that the ICA Committee must abide by when they do work for the ICA, and how they work with the National contacts, called the World Council.  Who is the World Council…. it is Your National Representatives.  

This is not a “contact” for/with the Owners of RG65, or in any way the Rules for building and sailing an RG.  These are just the terms that the ICA Committee and your National Representative need to abide by when we work together. 

They are there to support you to build the class in your Country.

Why is it so long

We need to make sure that we do not just think of the ICA as it is “today”.   We need to prepare for the years ahead when we will be a much bigger class, attracting more people and Nations, and running international events.  All of this future is built into these documents already.

What is the difference between an NCA and an NCS

An NCA and and NCS are the two types of class associations that you might have in your country

  • An NCA is a National Class Association and is a formalized association with it’s own Committee and Constitution.  
  • An NCS is a National Sailing Secretary, and is an informal association in a country who appoint a “Secretary” to be the contact person with the ICA. 

There can only be 1 NCA/NCS in a country.   This prevents a group of sailors from splitting away from the rest and trying to set up they own relationship with the ICA.

From and ICA point of view, it makes no difference if your nation is represented as an NCA or an NCS, you have the same rights and influence within the World Council.

Why is it split in 3 documents, a Constitution and Regulations and a Memorandum.

  • Usually a Constitution does not need changes in the future, and so this document should be fixed for many years, and any changes will need 67% votes to make any changes, and Only the World Council can vote on changes to this.  The ICA Committee can only propose changes, but cannot vote on them
  • However, there are some things that will change as we grow and learn, and these things are covered in the Regulations.   For these we only need 51% vote to make a change.   In fact in some classes the committee has full control of making changes without the need to consult with anyone outside the committee.  I do not agree with this way, not for the first few years anyway as we must all work together to make the class what we want it to be, therefore the World Council votes on any changes.
  • The 3rd document, the Memorandum is a direct contract that should be agreed with each country NCA/NCS (as I talked about above), and may end up being slightly different each time.   So please view these as a Templates

Voting rights in the World Council

This is probably the most difficult part of the whole process, how many votes does each Nation have.  

  • In some classes the votes are allocated according to how many boats are registered in the country.   This is very difficult to maintain accurately
  • In some classes every Nation gets 1 vote, and nations that have been represented at a World Championship in the last few years get a second vote
  • In other classes the votes are allocated according to how many people took part in the Country’s National Championship
  • and
  • and and….

For a class where we are today none of these ideas will work, but might do in the future.   At the same time we need to respect that there are some of you that have 1 boat in your country, some who have 300 or more, and so we need to have a system that respects this. The idea in the Regulations may need tweaking, or if you have some other ideas the please share them

What will the ICA give to you

The whole point of formalizing the ICA through a Constitution is to ensure that the ICA and the ICA Committee are accountable to all of the stakeholders in the RG65, the World Council, every Owner, club and nation that organize events etc etc.  The ICA has no intention to favor one nation, or group of nations, over another.  The ICA is there to help you service the owners in your country.   Some of the things that we will do include:

  • Give you a voice/vote when making decisions made or proposed by the ICA and World Council.
  • Support you to establish and grow the class in your Nation.
  • Give you a set of class rules that are clear and well written.
  • Give you a mechanism to propose changes to the Rules.
  • Give you a way to get an Interpretation of any of the class Rules
  • Create a worldwide racing network, including events at continental and world level.
  • Create channels and forums for all the RG65 stakeholders to communicate and share information.
  • Set up a Website to keep everyone informed about that is going on.   Vangelis is already well on the way with this.

What does it cost

There are no costs associated with you our your Nation being part of the ICA.

So, onto the review of our documents.

Please can you review these documents and if you have any comments or suggestions, either:

  • Add them to the Google Document using the comment feature
  • Pass them on to your National Representative. If you don’t know who they are then take a look at
  • Join our Forums and discuss them there.
  • Please do not discuss and speculate in Facebook. It is difficult to follow all the threads and discussions.

I will leave this open for review until the end of March, where after we will look to formally adopt a final version.

An very lastly, here is a link to the Google Document folder where you can find all the current Drafts.

Happy Reading and thank you very much for your time and support in the process. Together we can get the RG65 Class to start rapidly growing and very soon have some international events.



Thanks and Hello

I would like to start off by thanking Fredo for giving me the opportunity to take over the Chairmanship of the RG65 ICA.

Back in 2014 Fredo stepped forward to run the RG65 ICA and I am sure that you will all join me in thanking Fredo for his time and effort while in charge.  During his tenure Fredo has faced many challenges and he has always approached things to the best of his ability and we wish him well for the future.   I am sure that we will still see him active in the class.

It is my opinion that the RG65 Class has a great opportunity to grow into something that serves the social sailor as well as those that want to become an international champion, while retaining its independence and Corinthian ethos of fair and unregulated participation, but to do so we need seize the opportunity and structure the class properly before something else takes our space.

The small size, high performance, low(er) cost, simple Rules and friendly nature of our Class makes it very attractive to everyone, and we must not lose these properties as we evolve it.

I feel that I am able start to bring about the changes necessary to set our Class on a track that will allow it to grow and establish itself, not only in the Nations where it is currently active but in many more, not only on the level it is now but expanding further into the social sailing end of the spectrum but also to the top end where it will be attractive to the World Class sailors from other fleets, and in so doing get all those people who have a boat stuck away in their house gathering dust to get it back onto the water.

The first things that needs doing are that the International Class Association (ICA) needs to become more defined, active and transparent.  So how do we do this?

  1. We need to Define the ICA and this means setting down some rules on how the ICA will be managed and run.   I intend to establish a “Working Party” of 5 or 6 people that represent all the Nations to work with me to create a set of rules by which the ICA should operate. Many of you will know that these rules may take the form of a Constitution, but how that Constitution will look will, and must, be agreed by all stakeholders
  2. The ICA needs to become Active with our promotion and communication to all RG65 stakeholders.   This will include regular website updates as well as communication with the National Associations
  3. Transparency is for me very important.   The class does not belong to me, the ICA or anyone else and so the ICA needs to become totally open about it’s vision and steps it will go through to achieve its goals.   I therefore intent to make it very public exactly what we are doing.
  4. Start looking at the Class Rules to bring them up to date and clear up some inconsistencies.  How far we go with this task will be up to you, the Stakeholders.

I expect that that it will take a few months to achieve these first steps done, or at least progressed sufficiently to allow them to be voted on by all of the RG65 Stakeholders.

I hope that you all trust that I will do the best I can for the Class, and that you will all join and support me to make this happen.


Wayne Stobbs