Adoption of the RG65 ICA Constitution and Interim Committee

The RG65 ICA Working Group has now finalised the Constitution and Regulations and after considerable consultation with many of you are happy to publish Version 1 of the 2021 documents.

There has been universal agreement with the final documents, so we are ready to move to the next phase.

  1. To view the documents please go to Any further feedback would be appreciated.
  2. Shortly we will be calling for nominations for National Class Secretary and National Class Associations in each country. Please discuss your country’s nomination within your Association, group or fleet in preparation for our request. Each country will be required to sign a Membership Agreement, which can also be viewed on the website (
  3. In May we will be calling for nominations for Officers of the ICA
  4. The inaugural World Council meeting will be scheduled for a date in June to formally elect Officers and accept the Constitution and Regulations.

To continue working the Working Group has appointed an interim committee to act in the designated roles. The temporary appointees are:

ChairmanWayne Stobbs (UK)
Secretary and Web OfficerVangelis Simonidis (IRL)
Technical Officer and chair of the Rules CommitteeAchille Chatin (FRA)
Officer and chair of the Events CommitteeAndrew Cook (AUS)

This interim committee will stand down during the first meeting of the World Council to allow the first elected committee to take over.

In parallel the Rules and Events Committees will recruit some committee members from the RG65 community to so that they can start their work.

The Rules Committee’s first task is to review the Class Rules and issue a 2021 Draft for consultation, while the Events Committee will start to work with the nations to set up some international events starting in 2022.

Thank you all for your support so far and we look forward to the next few months where we will look to put all this work into action. We are doing this for and on behalf of you, the RG65 community. To do this we need you to guide and help us, so please let us know if you would like to work with us to continue this work. We need an engaged and committed committee to represent the class, and it is the class who must decide who that committee is.

Yours Faithfully

Wayne Stobbs, for and on behalf of the RG65 ICA interim committee.

ANNOUNCEMENT of Wayne Stobbs as RG65.ICA Chairman

Dear Sailor!

In August last you got a Mail from me, requesting you to present
Candidates for getting in charge of the RG65-ICA.
To that there were only TWO answers: one offering “general help” and
some sound advices, and one from Wayne Stobbs.

Wayne, friend and collaborator of RG65-ICA from long time ago, offers
himself to Manage the RG65-ICA.

As at today, December 31, I counted all the received approvals (so far
only 3 countries missing), and we find that NOBODY expressed some
objection. Or, in other words, there are

15 Welcomes, with 3 Countries without answer so far.

As I wrote: “if there are more approvals more then rejections, I will
hand over the whole control of RG65-ICA to Wayne”
And so will it be!

Today I CONFIRM THAT WAYNE STOBBS is the Chairman of RG65, starting
at 0:00 Hs UTC of January 1, 2021!

To Wayne I assure my full assistance, to the best of my abilities, and
am sure he will take us on the right path!

To Wayne I wish success,
to ALL RG65 Sailors, to Everyone,

I wish you Fair Winds, and Good Luck!
Fredo Vollmer
(Past RG65-ICA Chairman)